Why Is It Important to Change Assumptions About Who We Are?

For most people, the faulty assumptions that humanity can be naturally divided into categories called races and that race is an innate quality that reveals itself at birth go unnoticed as facts. The documentaries provide irrefutable evidence that these assumptions have no basis in reality. Regardless these assumptions were the foundation of laws that mandated biological, family, ancestral, romantic, and other bonds be severed to comply with a categorical vision of humanity. When assumptions about who we are change, racial categories take on a new and eye-opening kind of significance. Holding on to faulty assumption puts the spotlight on so-called genetic differences. As a result, racial differences and tensions are treated as if they are biologically-rooted, a perception that can only promote self-consciousness and trepidation. In contrast, the assumption that racial categories are rooted in relationships severed, brings a new life altering dimension to how we see and interact with different race labeled peoples, even in the face of difficult challenges. It is life-altering because “Once you see it, you can’t unsee it” --the old assumptions that drive behavior and thought collapse.