What Are the Documentaries About?

The MCRC Project documentaries revolve around collaborations between creative and performing artists of different racial classifications who join talents with the goal of telling the neglected and unacknowledged stories of how people were divided into categories.

 MCRC artists explore the range of emotions out of which racial categories were forged – from the most heart-wrenching to the most callus and every emotion in between. The ultimate goal is to transform the nation’s understanding of who we are, and in the process, mourn the creation of racial categories.

To date, MCRC has produced two documentaries -- The Categories Black and White and Let Our Loss Be Heard. A third documentary (Whiteness: The Category White) is now in production. Other documentaries are planned for the categories Indigenous (Native American), Asian, Hispanic and Hawaiian-Other Pacific Islanders (the categories the US officially recognizes today).