Lynnissa Hillman


Lynnissa Hillman... a Sociology Lecturer at Northern Kentucky University. She is planning to finish her doctorate in Sociology at the University of Cincinnati. She grew up in the historic predominately African American neighborhood called Lincoln Heights. Her fondness with the uniqueness of her childhood neighborhood sparked her interest in race relations in the United States as well as how life’s chances, context, and choices are all influences by racial categories. Because of this interest, she received a B.A. in Africana Studies and a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Cincinnati. She also received a M.A in Sociology from the University of Cincinnati after realizing the impact social structure has on our every lives. Working as a key consultant, Lynnissa uses her sociological perspective to analyze and provide feedback for Joan Ferrante's forthcoming book, How Race Has Estranged US: An Invitation to Talk.

     Lynnissa was introduced to the art of dancing at a very young age and it fueled  her love for movement and music. At the age of eight, Lynnissa joined a praise dance group that her mother started at church. She now leads two praise dance groups at church for adults and children, performing for many other local churches in the Cincinnati area. Lynnissa’s brings her passion for dance and her knowledge of racial categorizes to her role as consultant to  MCRC Project.