India Hackle


India Hackle...

     Is from, and still resides in, Cincinnati, Ohio. She attended Fairfield High School and it was during her time there that she was greatly impacted by the school's diverse population and theatrical-oriented culture. This environment shaped her decision to major in International Studies and minor in Theatre in college. Currently, India works for the Office of International Student and Scholar Services at NKU. There she works closely with students from over 60 countries attending the university.

     As part of the creative team, India wrote a series of poems titled “I Love You With All My Weight”. The poem featured in the film was one where Virginia recalls drinking milk and eating cookies with her father late at night while her father struggled in a seemingly playful way with her daughter's appearance relative to his. Because of her work with the creative team, India was inspired to choose for her minor in Theatre classes that specialize in play writing, screenwriting, and directing. She does so with the hope that she’ll be able to incorporate this unfamiliar language about race through written and visual works on a national scale.


India talks about her work with The MCRC Project at the first screening. Please turn on closed captioning.