Emanuel Picazo


Emanuel Picazo...

        Is from Olive Hill, KY where he attended West Carter High School. His introduction to the arts came in the form of Martial Arts, which lead him to pursue other interests such as dance, circus, gymnastics, and acting. He has been performing and teaching professionally in the Cincinnati area since beginning his collegiate career at Northern Kentucky University. He graduated from Northern Kentucky with two degrees in Computer Information Technology and Theatre. Since graduating in May 2017 he now works for a Cybersecurity Software Company based in Boston, MA.

         Emanuel performed the role of Project Manager for the creative team and created the choreography for the dance that ends the documentary. He collaborated with Reid Wassmer in the creation of the music for the dance piece and inspired by their reading of the story The White Slave . Emanuel used his passion for movement and the power of artistic expression to create a piece that shows the traumatic separation caused by the creation of racial categories.