Elizabeth VandeWater


Elizabeth Vandewater...

        is a native of Northern Kentucky where she currently resides with her husband and three young children. As a 2004 graduate of the Conservatory of Performing Arts at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA, Elizabeth received training from a world-class faculty in the areas of theatre and dance. In 2005, she transitioned from performer to choreographer while working with MJM Spirit Dancers competition dance team in Florence, KY. In her four years of work with the team, Elizabeth created pieces in the disciplines of ballet, lyrical, and jazz, which have been competed at both the regional and national levels. She has choreographed six productions with Kincaid Regional Theatre and is currently the resident choreographer for the Campbell County Theatre Arts program at Campbell County High School where she has taught English since 2008. Elizabeth is currently pursuing her Master of Arts in English through the Northern Kentucky University graduate program.

        Elizabeth began to experiment with ways to combine her two loves—dance and literature—in 2007 when she was pursuing her post-baccalaureate degree in English at NKU, and truly believes that dance is a powerful way to bring to life the emotions that are described in prose and poetry. It is this belief that inspired her work as a member of the creative team. The separation and loss that has been felt and continues to be felt by the creation of the racial categories in the United States is so immense; her hope is that dance can be used as a medium to acknowledge, honor, and navigate those feelings and experiences so that our culture may begin to embrace the idea of being color brave.


Elizabeth talks about her work with The MCRC Project at the first screening. Please turn on closed captioning.