Carly Strohmaier


Carly Strohmaier...       

     Is an artist and graphic designer residing in Cincinnati, Ohio. who completed a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences in 2013 from NKU and then returned to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design (expected December 2013).

     Coming from a longstanding science background, it wasn’t until college that Carly realized her true passion lay in art. After the unexpected passing of her father in 2012, she used art to cope with the emotional trauma of the loss. It was through this experience that she became passionate about studying art and design, and how creative expression can connect people through shared emotional experiences.

     Carly utilizes various artistic media, including illustration, photography, and digital graphic design to create collaged works. Through careful juxtaposition of these elements, she weaves a visual commentary to captivate and educate the viewer on various historical or social subjects. As a member of the creative team, she utilized her artistic skills to create images reflecting the true sorrow and deep grief experienced through the mourning of racial categories. These images served as supporting visuals in the documentary, as well as creative inspiration for work by other members of the team.


Carly talks about her work with The MCRC Project at the first screening. Please turn on closed captioning.