Ariyana Hardy


Ariyana Hardy... 

     Was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. Ariyana credits her mother, Diane Hardy, for nurturing her love for music. Starting at age three she sang alongside her mother at Second Corinthian Baptist Church. She attended the School for Creative and Performing Arts from the fourth to twelfth grade. Although she majored in dance, her passion for music remained strong.  During high school she made time to compete in talent shows in addition to her dance performance obligations. After graduating from high school Ariyana enrolled at Northern Kentucky University as a history education major.  Since her freshmen year she has performed at talent shows, open mic nights and with the Anointed Voices Gospel Choir and other worship teams.

     As a member of the Creative team, Ariyana focused on Mourning the Creation of Racial Categories with special attention to the effect on children. She believes that the burden of conforming to these categories has taken a huge psychological and social toll on children. This toll inspired her to draw the connection between Toni Morrison’s book, God help the Child, and the song Motherless Child.