Some Testimonials

Five team members offer one word to describe the experience of being on the creative team and creating art (in all its diversity). Each elaborates on their word choice.

Carly - Exhausting

[Race is ] a very deep and exhausting subject matter… We experienced the work that is needed to go into healing a centuries-old pain is gonna be exhausting... But you shouldn't be discouraged because we also have not exhausted the solutions, the attitudes, the ideas that are necessary to move forward and healing the racial divide in America.

Reid - Inspiring

Going into this project I was pretty worried that I wouldn't have enough to bring to the table... I think I was the only musician... and I really just didn't know what I could do with my talents to push this idea further... It's inspiring because the other artists were so great and they really lifted me up…

Valencia - Exhilarating

Just think of going to the amusement park and facing the biggest ride that's is there… The people on the creative team--we're all in line for this big thing … so we got over that first hill we're letting go we're facing it and it's like what's next cause now you can feel like you conquer everything else that's in the amusement park since you got over that first big hill of just talking about [race].

Elizabeth - Empowering

As the mom of three young kids and an English teacher at a public high school, I can't be more grateful for the power that I have been given through this project. I know what my social and moral responsibility is to help the future generations start to bring these walls down in ways that we haven't been able to in the past.

India - Purposeful

The word that… describes my experience with the entire creative team is purpose or purposeful because… everything had to have purpose… so when it came to the musicians every rhythm, pause or rest and every tempo had to have purpose. In the case of the dancers every fatigue movement had to have purpose. As a writer every stressed syllable had to have purpose…