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Mourning the Creation of Racial Categories Project is getting a lot of attention around our community. Check out our latest features and outings by clicking the associated image.

Writing Around the Corner - Mourning the Creation of Racial Categories — Interfaith Cincy

Join Women Writing for A Change for the fifth program in this ten-part series, as we explore race from the lens of categories. Joan Ferrante, a professor of sociology at Northern Kentucky University, and her students created a film that examines the history of racial categories, what was lost in the effort to sort humans one from the other, and how that is relevant to today's cultural, political and socio-economic climates.

The MCRC Project on Kentucky Educational Television

Follow sociologist Joan Ferrante's efforts to draw on the transformative powers of the arts to mourn the creation of racial categories in the United States - categories created without regard for family, ancestral, or romantic ties.

A dancer’s perspective on race in ballet - The NOrtherner

NKU dance major Lavette Patterson found herself playing the role of Margaret Garner, a slave that lived on a Boone County plantation in the mid-1800s, last semester during Dr. Joan Ferrante’s documentary “Let Our Loss Be Heard.”

For student poet, the biggest risk is not taking one

From deciding to attend a university over 5,000 miles away from her home in Lagos, Nigeria, to the interdisciplinary challenges she took head on, Onyinye Uwolloh is no stranger to taking risks.

KET to air NKU student-narrated documentary on racial categories creation, based on Ferrante’s work

Kentucky Educational Television (KET) will air an original documentary created by a Northern Kentucky professor and her students. Story by Vicki Prichard.

The Northerner - Guest Column: Race, personified by India Hackle

“We were 13 and he had a childlike curiosity about my Blackness. He’d trace my skin and was certain it felt different, not wrong, just different. Yet, I had a cowardly liking for his Whiteness, a liking that I ignored when around others…”

Exploring How Racial Categories Were Formed | WVXU

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss The Mourning Racial Categories Project are Northern Kentucky University Professor of Sociology Joan Ferrante, PhD.; and one of the NKU students who worked on the project, writer and poet India Hackle.

THe MCRC Project presenting at The 6@6 Lecture series

The MCrc Project’s Dr. JOan Ferrante and her students will be presenting selections from PArts 1 and 2 for the 6@6 Lecture Series at 6 PM on November 29, at the Carnegie in Covington, KY. This is a free event with refreshments provided. Make sure to click through for tickets and more information about the event.

You just don’t see a project like this every day. You won’t want to miss it.

The Northerner

The notion that art can express ideas, concepts and emotions seemingly impossible to grasp conversationally is nothing new, but the truth of the cliché struck souls in one of Dance 18’s feature pieces, Let Our Loss be Heard. Article by mcKenzie Eskridge.

The MCRC Project Presented at Newport Historic Museum

Mourning the Creation of Racial Categories will be presented at an open House at Newport Historic Museum @ The SouthGate Street School on Friday, April 6. From 6:30 Pm - 9:30 Pm. Click through to read the article in The Voice. 


Ohio Association of College of Admission Counseling Annual Conference and GWI 2018

Keynote speaker, Dr. Joan Ferrante will be presenting selections from Mourning the Creation of Racial Categories.


FOx 19 NOw

Executive director of The MCRC Project, Joan Ferrante and Tara Riley, Director of Museum Experiences at The Freedom Center appear in a FOX19 morning news segment to discuss the documentary and it's involvement with the The National Underground Freedom Center. 


Cincy Magazine

"Local Educators are finding new ways to discuss race," writer Cincy Magazine author Dan Hurley. This article discusses recent race issues in the Cincinnati Community and what The MCRC Project is beginning to do in order to counter act them - by becoming color brave. 




WVXU Cincinnati December 4, 2017

WVXU Cincinnati December 4, 2017

WVXU Cincinnati

The MCRC Executive Producer, Dr. Ferrante Discusses the documentary and the consequences of categorizing race in America During a radio interview on Cincinnati's public radio station, WVXU. 

Many scientists today agree that race is a social construct with no biological meaning. Yet we are asked, on everything from school applications to employment forms, to declare our race.




Northern Kentucky Tribune

The Northern Kentucky Tribune's Vicki Prichard writes about the first screening of Mourning the Creation of Racial Categories. This article includes interviews by J. Gray, Dr. Kelly Moffet and project director and executive producer Joan Ferrante.

As conversations go, the subject of race is one of the more complicated ones.

Northern Kentucky Tribune

A free screening of Mourning the Creation of Racial Categories, a feature documentary that explores how racial categories were created in the United States and their lasting consequences, will take place at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati on Saturday, December 9 at 1 p.m.


Local 12: NewSmakers

India Hackle, Emanuel Picazo, and Joan Ferrante appear on Cincinnati's Local TV station to talk about Mourning the creation of racial categories Project. The story also features scenes from the documentary. Local 12's Dan Hurley reports. 


The northerner REview

News Editor, Nicole Browning Writes a review after seeing the first screening for Mourning the creation of racial categories documentary.  


The students not only had to thoroughly examine... historical accounts, but had to channel their own mourning into their creative products. The responses and artwork, ranged anywhere from a poem to a sculpture to a dance, are not only significant in representing that mourning, but incite mourning in their audience, as well. - Nicole Browning, News Editor for The Northerner


The Northerner: September 30, 2017      I   llustration by Nicole Brown

The Northerner: September 30, 2017

Illustration by Nicole Brown